vFresh Foods vs. Heated Foods

Fresh foods are always healthier than cooked or roasted foods. Many nutrients are heat sensitive. If you want to receive enough supply of vitamins, especially vitamin B and vitamin C, and folate, you should consider eating raw salad instead of cooked vegetables or fruits. Protein is also heat sensitive. It can easily be destroyed if the food containing it receives too much heat. Sometimes, heated foods are not only unhealthy, but also dangerous. If creatine-rich meat is roasted, various heterocyclic amines (HCAs), such as amino-imidazo-quinolines, amino-imidazo-pyridines, amino-imidazo-quinoxalines, and aminocarbolines may be formed. Researches have shown that HCAs may cause DNA mutation and cancers.

Eating heated foods is, however, not necessarily bad. Few beneficial substances, especially antioxidants cannot be damaged by heat. They even become much better if they are heated. You may not have to worry about heating your foods if you need to consume foods that inhibit the destructive effects of oxidation. Heating process also kills all dangerous parasites that infest raw foods. Therefore, heating certain types of food is considered necessary. When you have to consume a particular type of food, you have to decide smartly whether to heat it or not.

If you want to eat vegetables and fruits, you can either heat them or eat them while they are still in fresh condition. Because vegetables contain a lot of beneficial vitamins, it is recommended that you eat them without heating them first. Don’t ever think that heating process improves their taste because raw vegetables and fruits can also taste very good if you know how to prepare them. Nutribullet Pro 900-watt blender is a perfect tool to mix various types of delicious vegetables and fruits to create a new amazing meal that is both healthy and delicious. You should have this ultimate blender in your stock if you want to always be able to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.

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What You Can Do with This Blender to Make Nutribullet Recipes

Just like other blenders, this blender is primarily used to mix and blend foodstuffs. You can use Nutribullet Pro 900-watt blender to make nutribullet recipes. You can prepare various beverages, treats, main courses, and desserts from various ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and even meats. What makes this blender special is that it can pulverize those ingredients so powerfully that all beneficial nutrients that those ingredients contain can effectively be extracted.

When you eat foods, those foods will be chewed twice: first, they are mechanically chewed inside your mouth by using your teeth and tongue; second, they are chemically “chewed” inside your stomach by using digestive enzymes. The purpose of this chewing or digesting process is not only to make those foods softer and easier to digest, but also to extract all beneficial substances contained by those foods that your body need. The chewing process carried out by your body is, however, not powerful enough to extract all of those substances. If you try to take a look at your feces, you can easily see some vegetables and nuts that remain intact and not destroyed after being digested and excreted by your body.

Ordinary blender is also used for those two purposes. It is used to make foodstuffs easier to eat and to digest, especially for infants and senior people, and to extract beneficial substances those foodstuffs contain. However, most blenders are only effective in carrying out the first task. They are still not powerful enough to let beneficial substances be extracted from those foodstuffs. If you think that the soft peanut butter that you have just made by using your blender is healthy enough, you should know that as long as you still use your ordinary blender, not all fibers, vitamins and protein that the butter contains are successfully extracted.

Nutribullet Pro 900 series can make a difference. When you use it to liquidize and blend food ingredients, those ingredients will be totally crushed and pulverized. The result of the blending process will be an entirely soft foodstuff with all of its beneficial nutrients ready to be absorbed by your body without having to undergo difficult digestion process. If you can choose the right ingredients to make that foodstuff, you can make sure that the one that you make is both the healthiest and the most delicious foodstuff that you can eat.

Nutribullet Pro 900-watt blender

My Personal Experience with Nutribullet Pro 900-watt Blender

I had been concerned with the ineffectiveness of ordinary blender in supplying my body with healthy food. This anxiety encouraged me to talk with my friends hoping that they could provide me with reliable information about a stronger blender that could powerfully crush and pulverize my foodstuffs and make them healthier. What I heard from those folks was something called turbo blender. So I searched for this turbo blender online. When I found one at Amazon.com, I was surprised not only by its power in crushing and pulverizing ingredients and in extracting beneficial substances from those ingredients, but also their price. The cheapest turbo blender that I could find online was priced at $300 and that was the price after discount. So I said the hell with it. This was not the blender I was looking for. I needed a blender that not only made my body healthier, but also made my bank account trouble-free.

While still on the same Amazon page, I scrolled down to see what the customers of this turbo blender also saw and considered buying. There I found this amazing Nutribullet Pro 900 personal size blender series. From its description, I could figure out that it had the same power with that of the expensive turbo blender. So I decided to take a look at its price tag. I was not only surprised, but astonished because the price of this mini blender was only about half of that of turbo blender. So I finally decided that this is the blender I was looking for. Up to today, I still use it as my friendly tool to prepare healthy and delicious foodstuffs for my children whenever they get prepared to go to school and for my entire family when we are going to go out for a vacation or a picnic.